Cala Jade

“Travel into the future”.
PR strategy for the new Cala Jade store in Oslo, Spring/Summer 2021.

Concept and PR strategy
Event organisation for the store launch
Presentation of the new collection
Creative sending of invitation
Press release
Window display for the collection
Design of shop’s counter and focal points
Digital marketing strategy, content plan with examples

Concept description:

This campaign is part of the PR strategy for the opening of Cala Jade's new store in Oslo. Cala Jade is a Norwegian brand that sells accessories and handmade leather bags. It stands out through its high quality and great passion for details, and choice of materials. Feminist and relaxing design reflect Nordic influence inspired by Norwegian minimalism, architecture, and art. The brand's signature is a high quality that should last for years. Forever, maybe? Customers are invited to a journey which everyone is looking forward to in the post-Covid era. The journey into the future. The event will explore the future through art and Cala Jade's products. What is going to remain of the humans in thousands of years? Cala Jade products are definitely here to stay because of their high quality and uniqueness. 
Choice of the venue:

Since the brand is inspired by art, the event will take place at an art gallery on Tjuvholmen (Peder Lund gallery). The gallery was chosen because of its central location, architecture, and size of the exhibition space.

Interior and the event:

The public arriving at the gallery encounters a large, dark room with only one illuminated object in the centre. It is a green house made of glass. Between the plants stand Cala Jade's products: bags, shoes, and belts. Composition represents the idea of the most valuable object left by humans in the future: nature. Cala Jade's products are recognised for their high quality and are therefore also part of the journey ("timeless pieces"). The exhibition also fits well with the brand's connection to Norwegian nature.

Short lecture by Ane Graff:
Ane Graff is an artist who explores human being through biology and art. She will give a short (10 min) talk about what she thinks the future will look like. She will collaborate with Cala Jade's Instagram account (see photo examples) to fit the campaign.

Moodboard for the event:

Creative invitation:

Cala Jade has a close connection to Norwegian nature. One of the products they sell are plant hangers. Guests will receive a potted plant in a pendant with an invitation on a pot. It will look like a plane ticket to the future.

Collection presentation:

Creative posters will be prepared in the form of magazine articles hanging on the walls. The magazine "from the future" in black and white adresses female contribution to the alternative future. It will either be female politicians, researchers, or activists. Every woman in the picture will have a Cala Jade product (a bag). In this way, feminism and women’s power the brand wants to be associated with, will be encouraged.

Press release:

Viktoria Pozdniakova
Osloveien 1
01110 Oslo
Oslo, 09. juni 2021

Future Travel with Cala Jade opening its first store in Oslo. Are you ready  to join?

August 19th Cala Jade is going on a very special kind of journey. The journey into the future. An upcoming event dedicated to the opening of the brand’s first store in Bjørvika will be a sensation in post-Covid Oslo. "Experiencing the world together with our loved ones was what we missed the most during the pandemic," say the brand's founders, Tina Skaar and Nina Sandaas. "The store opening was therefore a good opportunity to meet again with our friends and customers in order to share new experiences".

Experiencing the future is something many of us wanted. The event at Peder Lund Galleri will explore what our society will look like in many hundreds of years. Cala Jade believes it’s values will survive despite everything. Handmade bags of Italian quality inspired by Norwegian minimalism, art, and architecture will be presented in their new collection. Norwegian artist Ane Graff, who has just had her first exhibition at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, will share her insights about future.

Join our  journey on the 19th of August at 19.00 at Peder Lund Galleri, Tjuvholmen alle 27, 0252, Oslo.

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Window display for the collection:
Design of shop’s counter and focal points:

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Digital marketing campaign and content plan:

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