Family portrait

Choice of distribution channel
Visual representation in Photoshop based on references

This Photoshop project is inspired by an article in Aftenposten magazine in July 2020 during the Corona pandemic. It highlights protests in Oslo by people with a foreign background against an entry ban for their relatives from countries outside of Europe. The series combines classic art and pictures of people from the third countries in order to explore possible relationships between them. Could they have been siblings, partners, or parents? This series claims that everyone deserves to be with their family regardless of nationality, ethnicity, and origin.

Reference article (Norwegian):

John Stezaker, Jacque Mus Ad Compain 2016.

Images used:

Diego Velasquez "Las Meninas"
Edvard Munch "Self-Portrait in Hell"
Vincent van Gogh "Self-Portrait"
Edgard Degas "La Place de la Concorde"
Distribition channel:

The A magazine (Aftenposten) is a Norway’s largest printed newspaper, with around 1.2 million readers. Examples of A magazine covers with this Photoshop project are shown here below. The text in Norwegian cites the original title from the reference article: “Family portrait. They demonstrate to get their loved-ones to Norway”.