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Diplopia is a medical term for seeing double (from Latin dipl- "double" and -opia - "vision"). Diplopia is not a disease, it’s an ability. To see something the others are not able to see. In the word around and also in ourselves. Diplopia is about duolism. A possibility to exist in many different entities, backgrounds and identities at the same time.  It’s about flexibility and constant change, where every second brings opportunity for the new metamorphosis. Finally, Diplopia is about choice. A freedom to be as many things and shapes as one only wishes to be. Once at a time and all at once.

Diplopia magazine explores an unstable, constantly changing human nature by texts and profiles about people from different countries and cultures. By styding our differences and similarities, it aims to present human individuality. In all its beauty. No matter identity, gender or nationality.

Persona. Place. Opinion. Illustration. Fashion. Feeling. 

Issue nr.1    What do men want?
under development

Diplopia’s first issue is dedicated to men. Since the female voice has been growing stronger in the last decades, we have been slowly learning how to listen. As a result, after a long history of ignorance, we finally got to know what a woman wants.
But what about a man, are we able to hear his wisper? What motivates him, what scares him, and makes him stronger? What does it mean to be a man nowadays?
In this issue, Diplopia studies modern masculinity from different angles. From how men determine themselves to how they are being determined. By their job, their surroundings, and their space. This issue tries to understand how our gender defines us in general. And if it doesn’t, what is our definition? 
In this very first Diplopia magazine, men of different professions from London to Saint-Petersburg reflect about manhood. An interior designer and a florist, Maxim Languev, speaks about his workplace. Or, probably his workplace speaks about him? A London-based illustrator shares his scenes from imagined films and a Russian psychologist his non-imaginary feelings. Finally, everything falls in its place after an interview with masculinity experts. Enjoy the reading!
My functions:
Concept - Editing - Production - Art direction.

Viktor Balaguer @viktor_balaguer.

   Insights into Diplopia, Issue nr. 1:

Manager of Hobo restaurant, the social project of Nochlezhka, non-profit organisation helping homeless people.

Drama teacher, stage director and a hospital clown.

Photographer portraying men. 

Interior and flower designer.