Concept store

 Concept store development
Interior design
Choice of brands

The concept of this store is based on my personal experience being exposed to two different cultures: East-European and Scandinavian. The store explores what a person misses most about living abroad – home. It reflects the identity of Saint-Petersburg, the city I am coming from, in the Nordic interpretatation. External minimalism combined with the rich cultural heritage. The store will represent both Russians and Scandinavian designers as well as books, magazines, and cosmetics. It will be a place not only to buy but also to meet with like-minded people. A space for the cultural exchange through lectures, movies, and networking events where both cultures will be represented. 


The concept store will have two flours. The large room on the ground floor will be used for clothing display and the counter. The first floor will be reserved for lectures and events. Building materials and decorative elements of the space refer to the city’s atmosphere and to its architectural heritage. As Saint-Petersburg is known for the rainy weather, winds, and grey sky, the interior will be made of a grey concrete. Stripes of yellow colour would add some contrast to the rest of the store. Since two rooms have different functions, their interior will be slightly different. The gathering space will create more cosy atmosphere by a white mosaic flour. It is a reference to typical flour in modernistic houses built in Saint-Petersburg in the 20th century. Metal railings on the stairs leading to the first flour will have the form of iconic fences at Fontanka Quay, the river that runs through the city.

Choice of brands:

Russian (most are local brands from Saint-Petersburg):

Ianis Chamalidy
Ushatova (Moskva)
12storeez (Moskva)
Pirosmani Studio

Scandinavian (most are Norwegian):
Norse Project
Norwegian Rain
L’Hommage rouge
Baum Und Pferdgarten

PYE Optics
Kaibosh eywear



Books and magazines:

Iskusstvo Kino


- lectures from Russian designers about their brands and concepts
- lectures from Norwegian designers
- lectures on Russian art
- Norwegian/Scandinavian art
- DJ sets
- presentation of books
- films presentation (Russian/Scandinavian)
- lectures from local founders in Grunerløkka about their shops/industry
- lessons about interior design
- lectures from vegan brands
- coffee tasting
- food tasting (Russian, Norwegian)


Oslo, Grunerløkka. Advantage: geographic match with target group. Disadvantage: many competitors with but with different concept.
Target group (persona):

1. 30-45 years old, lives in Oslo, works in a company/self-employed. Monthly salary NOK 30-80,000 per month. Have a partner, one child/no children. Has a car, likes cycling, travelling, reading, going to the cinema. Vegans, politically engaged (Green party, Right wing).
2. 28-45 years old, lives in Oslo, works in a company. Monthly salary NOK 30-80,000. Single/partener/one child/ no children. Has a car/uses public transport. Likes to read, meet friends, travel, go to the cinema. Politically engaged (Right).
3. Female/male/non-binary, 22-35 years old, lives in Oslo. Student/working. Monthly salary NOK 20-35. Single/boyfriend. No children. No car. Likes to read, meet friends, travel, go to the cinema, plays in a band. Vegan. Politically active (Labour Party).


LED (IG) – “free” in Norwegian.

LED is an IATA (International Air Transport Association Code) for Saint-Petersburg, used in the airports. LED stands for the city old name “Leningrad”. The name hides Russian identity, the name of the city. The Norwegian translation “free” reflects the shop's concept where everyone is free to be oneself, and is welcome to step by.


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