Cala Jade

Window display, counter and focal points design for Cala Jade shop. Spring/Summer 2021
Window display (Photoshop)
Design of shop’s counter and focal points (Photoshop)


This window display is part of PR strategy “Travel into the future” for the opening of Cala Jade's new store in Oslo. 
Please follow this link to read more about the whole strategy.

This window display reflects the Norwegian nature that Cala Jade is inspired by. The walls are painted in light green, symbolising the forest. The front wall and the floor are blue, which is water. A big green tree stump hanging above represents "Mother Earth", who spreads her roots over Cala Jade's products. The composition symbolizes the unification of nature and man. Cala Jade’s bags, which provide starting points for the roots refer to the brand’s quality and its respect for the environment. Materials used for window display: papier-mache for the tree stump and styrofoam for window podiums.


The counter made of marble underlines Cala Jade's connection to nature. It temps the customer to be touched, to experience its temperature and texture. A minimalistic background painted in bright green keeps the focus on the products. Space helmet laying on the counter refers to “Travel to the Future” campaign.

Focal points:

Focal points reflect the rest of the campaign: future and nature. One stand consists of glass boxes filled with plants and stones. Cala Jade's bags are placed on top. Another type of focal point is a large gray stone made of papier-mache. In this way one can bring together "nature" and "future" at Cala Jade’ store.

Store overview: