Marketing strategy for Ilag for the launch of SS2021 Collection in Copenhagen.
Brand description
Digital and original SWOT analysis
Goals definition 
Content plan
Press release for Copenhagen Fashion Fair

Ilag is a newly launched Norwegian brand by former Varner designer, Renate Nipe, with a focus on sustainability and "slow fashion". It offers women garments that can be used for all kinds of purposes: home, work, and leisure. The goal of this marketing campaign is to present the brand at the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair 2021, increase sales in the online store, and increase number of followers in social media.

Brand description:

A sustainable brand within the "slow fashion" segment with a Norwegian identity and a spotlight on ethical fashion. Ilag stands out by reusing clothing and fabric from other productions. Collaborates with factories that produce organic material of good quality. The brand also has a pledge system.

The brand has several retailers in Norway and its own online store (images 2,3). Ilag has ambitions to develop not only in Norway/Scandinavia, but also abroad (France, Germany).

Price level: NOK 700 - 2000. High prices due to local production, good quality, transport costs, it has just been launched (unknown to customers).

The brand wants to encourage customers conscious consumption, to make fashion more ethical. It uses social media for communication and distribution (Instagram and Facebook), with 7,700 and 630 followers, respectively. Ilag had a good campaign at launch - a use of several communication channels. Traditional channels (fashion magazines) - founder's interviews for Elle, Melk og Honning, Vestavid, Minmote, Finansavis. The collaboration with micro-influencers (digital channels): Angelica Sophie Thorsen (@angiesophie), Anne Johannsen (@annejohannsen), Susanne Holt Lange-Nielsen (@susanneholt). The brand has a great potential due to its focal market segment, specific target group, sustainable trends, relatively cheap production, flexible concept, and good visual presentation.

Brand's philosophy and overall purposes:
-sustainability: reuse of clothes, recycling, pledge system, local packing and shipping.
-ethical fashion: transparency, production, working conditions in factories.
-diversity and inclusion
-Norwegian identity
-customer in focus

Brand's main concept:
Ethical selling proposition (ETSP): the brand focuses on ethics; customers make the world a better place by choosing Illag.

Whom is the brand made for? Persona.
Female, 20-37 years, studies at the college/university, works for a company. Uses public transport. No children/one child. Lives in the city. Owns an apartment. Has a partner/single. From Scandinavia. Earns NOK 400,000 – 800,000 a year. Likes yoga, jogging after work. Leisure time: going out on the town, cinema, dinner with friends. Music: electro, pop. Political views: central/left. Feminist. Travels to Europe on holidays: Spain, London, Berlin, Austria. Spends money on travel, eating out, clothes, make-up, mortgage/rent

SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats):


Sustainable trend
Flexible concept - can be used both at home and outside
Cheaper production – reuse of clothes
Narrow market segment – easier to move on the market
Local production
Cheaper transportation
Good quality
Experienced founder
Good visual presentation
Online store
Many retailers


Digitization – use of online stores during Corona pandemic
Ambitions for the international market
Good target group – young people who are digitally most active customers
The Founder has a PR agency - help with offline marketing


Women's clothing only – limited offer
Multiple sizes – risk of residual products
Discounted prices - contradiction with its marketing philosophy
Lack of information about the brand on the website
Poorly defined purposes -"fun and relaxing" but in reality, is mostly about sustainability and ethics (not used in PR and marketing)


Competitors within the segment with more experience and better marketing strategy.
Young brand - difficult to cover expenses, fewer customers

Digital SWOT analysis for Social Media:


Visually good Instagram and Facebook accounts
Regular posting on both platforms (3-4-5 times/week)
Varying content (posts, stories)
Use of # and @ + emoji
Micro-influencers were used in the launch campaign - increases trust


Digital growth to micro-influencer status
Greater customer’s commitment
Stable commitment
More frequent posting and more varied content
More info on market values
Collaboration with more influencers
Many retailers - use of their digital channels to attract the customers


Few followers (7000 Instagram, 600 Facebook)
Very variable engagement (43-600 likes), unstable
Poor digital customer journey in an online store (difficult to find brand’s values and philosophy on the website)
Few influencers who collaborate with the brand. The collaboration has a bad marking on SoMe


Marketing is mostlt active on Instagram, Facebook followers are not stimulated.
Careful selection of collaboration partners (regarding sustainability and the brand's values)

Positioning map price/sustainability for Scandinavian market:

Goals definition, choice of marketing strategy and communication channels:

Campaign goals:
- to increase sales in the online store
- to get more followers on social media
- to present the SS21 Collection at the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

Time period:
3-4 months – to sell the newly launched Summer Collection. A shorter period gives great flexibility. One can test whether the measures work and change the strategy quickly.

- to increase sales in the online store by 20%
- to increase visits to the online store by 30%
- to increase the number of followers on SoMe to 10,000
- to increase the number of publications in the Danish media (2 interviews)

- to increase awareness of the brand, that it exists, the brand's values
- to increase media coverage in Scandinavia
- to increase engagement on SoMe: more post shares, more comments, likes

Choice of communication channels:
To achieve the aforementioned KPIs, following digital communication channels must be used: Instagram and Facebook. These can guarantee a high return of investment (ROI) with user generated content (UGC), active customer participation in campaigns, World of Mouth (WOM) with a high digital spread of the product.

Marketing strategy:
- stable and regular posting: 7 times a week
- various content on SoMe: posts, carousel, stories, polls
- to inform customers about the brand's values and who is behind Ilag
- info about the new summer collection
- information about sales in the online store
- interviews in Elle Denmark and Costume Denmark, advertising of the latter on SoMe
- collaboration with influencers (micro and macro). Micro - to increase the quality of followers. Macro – the brand needs greater WOM.

Ingrid Bergtun - sustainable micro-influencer from Stavanger (40k followers). Must support the brand's sustainable values.
Sunniva Hartgen – Norwegian micro-influencer, stylist (7K followers). Should increase trust to the brand, attract credible followers, strengthen the brand's position on the Norwegian market (Sunniva is considered an "expert").
Iman Meskini - macro influencer (500k) with a foreign background. Shall promote the brand's philosophy of manpower, inclusion, and equality.

Press release for Copenhagen Fashion Fair:

Viktoria Pozdniakova
Osloveien 1
01110 Oslo
Oslo, 25. march 2021

Norwegian identity with a sustainable concept: Ilag launches its new Spring/Summer Collection.

On the 24th of April, llag welcomes everyone to try out its new Spring/Summer Collection at the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair. Called "Together on the Coast ", it takes the inpiration from Western Norway. "We will cultivate and support the local Norwegian. The real, sad, happy, and inspiring, the ugly. Norway has so much to offer, despite the season, trend and weather," says the brand's founder Renate Nipe. The new garments are decorated by Stephanie Le Cocq with a fish pattern of Norwegian species that Nipe herself caught as a child. The collection will be available in 15 stores in Norway, France, and Germany. It can also be purchased in Ilag's online store.

Launched in the middle of the pandemic, the brand stands firm on its sustainable principles. Returned garments are repaired, redesigned, and resold. Production of new pieces is done from deadstock and leftovers from other factories. Ilag’s first campaign was created with Norwegian transgender model Angelica Sophie Torsen. The brand collaborates with influencers like Ingrid Bergtun, Iman Meskini and Sunniva Hartgen."Inclusion and diversity is on everyone's mind who works at Ilag", says the founder Renate Nipe.

Norwegian, fun, relaxed, and sustainable. Here is the definition of Ilag's new Spring/Summer 2021 collection, which will be launched in Copenhagen on April 24th. Inspired by the Norwegian coast, it will be available in 15 physical stores and online. Save the date and join Ilag!

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Content plan:

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