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“Travel into the future”.
Digital marketing strategy for the opening of Cala Jade's new store in Oslo. Spring/Summer 2021
Digital SWOT analysis
Collaborations with influencers
Development of hashtags
Content plan examples
Press release


This digital campaign is part of the PR strategy “Travel into the future” for the opening of Cala Jade's new store in Bjørvika, Oslo. Cala Jade is a Norwegian brand selling handmade leather bags and accessories. It stands out for its high quality and a great attention to details. Its feminine design reflects a Nordic influence inspired by Norwegian minimalism, architecture, and art. The goal of this campaign is to attract attention to the brand’s new store in Oslo. 

Please follow this link to read more about the whole PR strategy.

 Digital SWOT analysis for Social Media:

Cala Jade has a website, Instagram (19K followers) and Facebook account (3.5K followers).


Visually good Instagram and Facebook accounts
Regular posting on both platforms (3-4 times/week)
Varying content (posts, stories)
Use of @ + emoji
Tagging micro-influencers - increases trust in the brand
A good digital customer journey in the online store
Additional information about the brand on the website
Good storytelling of the brand's philosophy through digital channels: production, employees, and factories.


Greater customer engagement
Stable commitment
More varied content (type of images)
More info on brands values
Collaboration with more influencers
Active use of retailers’ digital channels to attract customers


Few followers on Facebook
Poor engagement on SoMe (60-300 likes, 1-6 comments), unstable.
The collaboration with influencers is poorly marked on SoMe – lots of tagging, but no clear campaigns
Little use of #
Type of photos posted on SoMe: a lot of focus on bags, more products should be introduced (shoes, belts, plant hangers). More practical approach – how to style products etc.


The brand is most active on Instagram
Followers have little stimulation
Some content does not appear as native (Q&A section on Instagram, for example)

Concept of the content plan:

The content plan will cover the entire period from June to the store opening in August.
Posting 3-4 times a week. In the last two weeks, this frequency can increase up to five times a week to attract more attention.
The content plan must have varied content: posts, carousel, stories.
The weakness of Cala Jade's SoMe is poor engagement. To increase the latter Q&A, a quiz once a week and giveaways should be introduced. The Q&A part may address the production (sustainability, working conditions for the employees). Topics for the quiz can be questions about iconic accessories in fashion history, for example, about Birkin bag ("How was the iconic Birkin bag invented?").
It is also important to show the "face" of those behind the brand - to introduce IGTV with founders who will talk about Cala Jade. Also, they can have a stream on Instagram with other producers (jewellery and clothes), for example Cala Jade talks to Tom Wood, Holzweiler, Mold atelier - this can attract followers from other accounts.

Development of hastags to attract attention to the store.
Background for those: inclusivity – bags and accessories are not just for women, they can be used regardless of gender. Norwegian identity - Cala Jade wants to highlight Norwegian fashion and local identity. Brand's values and philosophy - inspiration that comes from art and architecture. Last, but not least - opening of the new store in Bjørvika.

#bagsareforeveryone, #norwegianquality, #artofcalajade, #calajadebjørivika.

Collaboration with influencers:
Content examples:

Post 1 – post with male influencer of Danish origin based in London, Alfred Bramsen, who uses gender-fluid outfits. #bagsareforeveryone.
Post 2  - post with Ane Graff, Norwegian artist. #norwegianquality.
Post 3 – stories about the opening with interior details of the store. #calajadebjørivika.

Alfred Bramsen and Misu Blue State enjoing their special day together in London.

Emoji: flower, champagne.
Type of content: carousell.
Hashtags: @alfredbramsen, #bagsareforeveryone, #calajade, #norwegianquality, #misubluestate.

Post 1.

Ane Graff and her Luini Pottery on their first exibition day at Astrup Fearnley Museum.

Emoji: art, bag.
Type of content: post.
Hashtags: @anegraff, @astrupferanley, #artofcalajade, #norwegianquality, #calajade,#luinipottery.

Post 2.

Wonder what we are doing this Thursday? Here are some snick videos from our upcoming store at Bjørvika, Oslo. We are looking forward seeing you at the opening 19th August from 10am. Save the date.

Type of content: stories.
Hashtags: @calajadebjørvika, #calajadeoslo, #norwegianquality.

Post 3.
Press release:

This press release is a part of a bigger PR campaign organized for the opening of Cala Jade's new store in Oslo (”Travel to the Future”).  It refers to the event where the new SS21 collection will be launched.

Viktoria Pozdniakova
Osloveien 1
01110 Oslo
Oslo, 09. juni 2021

Future Travel with Cala Jade opening its first store in Oslo. Are you ready to depart?

August 19th Cala Jade is going to a very special kind of journey. The journey to the future. An upcoming event dedicated to the opening of the brand’s first store in Bjørvika will be a sensation in post-Covid Oslo. "Experiencing the world together with our loved ones was what we missed the most during the pandemic," say the brand's founders, Tina Skaar and Nina Sandaas. "The store opening was therefore a good opportunity to meet again with our friends and customers in order to share new experiences".

Experiencing the future is something many of us wanted. The event at Peder Lund Galleri will explore what our society will look like in many hundreds of years. Cala Jade believes it’s values will survive despite everything. Handmade bags of Italian quality inspired by Norwegian minimalism, art, and architecture will be presented in their new collection. Norwegian artist Ane Graff, who has just had her first exhibition at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, will share her insights about the future.

Join our  journey on the 19th of August at 19.00 at Peder Lund Galleri, Tjuvholmen alle 27, 0252, Oslo.

For further contacts:

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